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FAR: Lone Sails - Locomotive


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FAR: Lone Sails is an indie game, that allows us to experience a great adventure in a post-apocalyptic world accompanied only by our vehicle.
The game's vehicle is a hybrid between a land and sea vehicle that has been modified a number of times.
To control the vehicle the player must move around inside it, operating stations and pressing buttons to perform various functions that keep the vehicle moving, such as engaging the engine or filling the boiler with fuel sources found over the course of the player's journey. 

The game has hooked many people with its atmosphere of melancholy and loneliness, in which you can have a good time alone with yourself and your ship.

The set will please with a large number of details from the game itself.

  • Rising sails
  • Ascending elevator
  • Spinning rear wheel while driving
  • Many opening hatches and panels
  • Rotating headlights, hand brake and odometers (to measure the distance traveled)
  • Glowing beacon
  • ≈1000 pieces

Mechanism animation:

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