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Mount Olympus, Home of the Greek Gods

Emerge from beneath the white clouds and climb the precarious and winding path around and then through the mountain to reach Zeus' throne at the home of the Greek Gods. See the Promethean flame atop a solitary column spiking up from the abyss below, guarded jealously from mankind.

734 Bricks.

Still working on some alternative versions, perhaps with more obvious clouds on the ground, or more interesting sculputres on the roof. Might be good to have a version with a cave, and the entrance to Hades? Comments or suggestions for improvement very welcome.

I would like to add more minifigures, perhaps with Prometheus attempting to steal the flame? Perhaps Hephaestus' forge on the left, before the diagonal part of the ascent? Or maybe a cave entrance to Hades at the bottom. Suggestions welcome.

P.S. If you're looking for other great Ancient-themed sets, check out Strider's Medusa's Temple. These would go pretty well together as a theme...

Front view

Back view (note the pillar with the Promethean flame, and the entrance to the tunnel through the mountain)

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