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The Fairly Oddparents

Timmy is an average kid
That no one understands
Mom and Dad and Vicky
Always giving him commands
It's been a long time since I watched "The Fairly Oddparents" but the beginning of its theme song still sticks in my head.
This being one of the animated series I watched the most when I was little, I wanted to pay homage to it with this set for Lego Ideas.
What is it composed of:
In the set I wanted to reproduce the most famous settings and where most of the scenes take place.
  1. A section of the school classroom where Timmy, Chester and AJ are teaching together with Prof Denzel.
  2. The section of the garden where Timmy's father spats with the neighbor Dinkleberg.
  3. Timmy's complete home including his tree house. I tried to create the house in the best possible way, since, in almost every episode, the layout of the rooms varied, or the design or the presence of the furniture inside them varied.
The house:
The door of the house leads into the living room where you have:
The sofa, the armchair, the fireplace, the sideboard, the TV and a lamp.
Next to the TV is the door to the kitchen. Here they are:
On the right, the cabinet with the hob, dominated by the hood, the sink, a blender, a bowl of fruit and the wall units. In the center of the room there is the table, set for breakfast with a bowl of milk and cereals, with two seats. To the left is the worktop with the microwave above it, a carton of juice and one of milk, all topped by wall units. Next to this piece of furniture there is then the refrigerator.
On the other side of the television, next to the stairs, is the door that leads to the laundry room, where the washer and dryer are located.
From the laundry room, turning right is the door with which you can access the back garden.
On the other side, however, is the door that opens onto the garage. Inside is Timmy's father's green, wood-trimmed station wagon. Both Timmy and his parents can be seated inside the car and can be pulled out of the garage via the rolling shutter.
Finally, via the stairs, you get to the first floor. Here they are:
Timmy's bedroom. Inside there is the bed with the bedside table next to it, with the bowl of goldfish on it. On the wall next to the door is the chest of drawers against which a toy rocket, a ball and a baseball bat are placed.
Next to Timmy's room is the room where he fathered, quoting, "This is where I'd put my trophy if I had one". I wanted to include this room because of the high number of memes it has generated.
Finally the third room which is located on the first floor is the bathroom. Inside there is a bathtub, a toilet and a sink with a mirror above it with lights.
In the corridor on the first floor, against the wall between Timmy's room and the trophy room, is the trap door with the ladder that leads to the attic.
The latter only appears in one episode so I didn't overfill it. Inside there is a trunk, a clothes hanger, with some clothes, and a set for going skiing.
Outside the house in the back garden is Timmy's treehouse. This can be reached via the ladder that goes up to the base of the tree. Once you enter the small house what you have are: a small table with a glass of soda on it, an ottoman and a radio.
I wanted to include all the characters that are the most famous of the series, so:
  1. Timmy, the protagonist;
  2. Cosmos, one of the two odd parents, with his wand, wings and crown;
  3. Wanda, one of two odd parents, with her wand, wings and crown;
  4. Timmy's mother, with a vase with a dry seedling since "everything she touches dies";
  5. Timmy's father, with his ram in hand with which, quoting "Timmy... I'm respecting your privacy by knocking, but asserting my authority as your father by coming in anyway.";
  6. AJ, one of Timmy's best friends, as a genius, I represented him with the umpteenth verification with grade A + in hand;
  7. Chester, one of Timmy's best friends, I represented him with a baseball glove in his hand because he plays on a team;
  8. Vicky, Timmy's naughty babysitter, I represented her with a chainsaw in her hand because it is the object with which she scares him most often;
  9. Denzel Crocker, Timmy's professor, holds the calendar in his hand with the date of March 15 marked, the date in which he is meaner than usual and in which one must be careful;

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