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The Town Hall

Welcome to the town hall! This is the center of your city!
This town hall consists of three levels and a rooftop terrace. The ground floor is occupied by a common room with two ranks of benches, and a stage for the mayor. On the right, you can go up by the stairs. In the first level, you can have information from the secretary, pay the taxes in the tax office, or have an appointment in the mayor’s office. On the desk of the secretary, there is a phone, a typewriter and a list of appointment. In the tax office, there is a desk, with a typewriter and a chair. In the mayor’s office, there is a mayor’s desk with his armchair, and in front of the mayor’s desk, there are two chairs. The mayor can also talk to the citizens from a balcony with two flower-pots. In the second level, the mayor and all the municipal council can do meetings in a meeting room. In the meeting room, there are five chairs and a large table. On the rooftop, the municipal council decided to make a vegetable garden to use efficiently the flat terrace. The access to the rooftop is protected by a small veranda. The vegetable garden is cultivated by an employee of the town hall. A pickup truck allows to transport the mature vegetables. This model contains 6 minifigures.

After having built the “brick café”, I decided to create another modular building. I chose to build a town hall because I couldn’t buy the 10224-town hall. I was inspired by the official Lego town hall to create mine, but with my building style.

I think it would make a great Lego set because the last town hall was issued eleven years ago and people who recently discovered the modular buildings haven’t any town hall to lead their city. This town hall would be an occasion for people who can’t buy it in 2012. It would also make another modular building to add in the modular building collection.

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