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Number Blocks

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Are your kids as addicted to this show as mine? My boys are 3, and they can watch this show for hours. Of course, they are drawn in by the colors and characters, but the songs and action are pretty good too. The best part is, they come away doing division and exponents, and they don't even realize it.

Beyond watching the show, the house is now getting filled up with artwork related to these characters. Since they are also into LEGO/DUPLO I was thinking of a way to build these so that they can be connected together and stacked just like they do in the program.

The result are the 6x6 cubes with rounded edges. The faces of which are easily customized with eyes and mouths to form the expressions of the individual number characters. They connect side to side with Technic pins and up and down with the tops of jumper plates.

For all fans of Blocks and Numbers (not just parents of toddlers :-))
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