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Texas State Aquarium


I was inspired to build this model of the Texas State Aquarium after visiting with my long-time best friend and girlfriend. Her first trip to the aquarium, 19 years ago when she was only four, must have stuck with her. She was so excited to share the experience with me as it was the reason she decided to go into marine biology, and I can’t blame her! I was in awe during my first visit a few years back and again after the recent expansion of the aquarium. The aquarium can only be descried as magical. It really has something for everyone and they do great work in local and worldwide conservation. As an engineer, the architecture was inspiring to me. The distinct style of the building echoes how unique of an experience I had visiting! I built this model as a gift to my girlfriend to have in her office as she is wrapping up her master’s degree in the city that inspired her, Corpus Christi, Texas.

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