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Minifigure Scale Mercury Spacecraft


On the morning of 5 May 1961 Alan B. Shepard made history when he boarded his spacecraft, Freedom 7. He sat at the controls of the first piloted Mercury spacecraft as a Redstone rocket ignited behind him. Shepard became the first American and the second human into space. But Al wasn't the last to ride in the Mercury spacecraft. Their were seven Mercury astronauts in all: Alan Shepard (Freedom 7), Gus Grissom (Liberty Bell 7), John Glenn (Friendship 7), Scott Carpenter (Aurora 7), Walter Schirra (Sigma 7), Gordon Cooper (Faith 7), and Deke Slayton, who was grounded before he could fly his spacecraft (Delta 7).

This LEGO model is to minifigure scale (1:40) and is complete with a pilot, a complete control panel and pilot's couch, launch escape tower and retrorocket pack. Exterior is mainly Titanium Metallic bricks. Spacecraft sides can be removed with ease to show detailed interior. Made with 163 bricks. 

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