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Hailstone - Racer

This is the spaceracer "hailstone" I created for the galactic asteroid rally circuit.

This undefeated racer has one pilot, one navigator, six XR antigravity thrusters, and visage armoring. The rally circuit prohibits weaponry.

I had a lot of fun building this racer. It uses a number of 'snot' techniques that make it a really fun build. Plus, I think the dark transparent blue and white with light grey accents make it look really sharp. But the best part is its play-ability - it is very sturdy and swooshable. There is landing gear and the cockpit and storage areas are easily accessible for play.

More photos of this model can be found at the link below.

Brian's Medieval Lair

Antigravity thrusters in 'fly around the house' mode!

Pilot and navigator ready to win - racer includes instrumentation and plush seat.

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