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Dungeon Conquest

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Dungeon Conquest is my idea to create a Lego set that draws inspiration from dungeon crawler games but is presented in a way that is more appropriate for people of all ages than most games in that style. Also since it is my own idea there wouldn't be a need to get any licenses.

This set was created in the Lego digital designer and I added have added the title to the main picture using Photoshop. Some of the Lego pieces have stalagmites and stalactites Photoshopped onto them and in the actual set these cave structures would be stickers although the pictures I used would not be exactly what I would want the cave structures to look like as they would be made a little more Lego like.

The set would come with eight mini-figures and is made up of a little more than 1050 bricks so the price would probably be around $100 but the number of Lego pieces could probably be reduced by a little bit. The set is constructed in 5 sections that can be connected in different ways than the way shown.

The above image is of most of the dungeon except for the boss room, the left image is the entry and a narrow room and the right image is the area before you get to the boss, it has a swinging ax trap in addition to the enemies. In the right picture you can also see to enemies with Yoda heads in the actual set the Yoda heads would be replaced with either a new piece which would be a goblin head or they would use a piece from the lord of the ring sets either the orc hair piece with the ears or the goblin head piece (colored green) from the hobbit set.

This is the boss of the dungeon seen here protecting two golden treasure chest. The boss is modeled after what I thought a centipede looked like but I prefer my friends name for it which is the bug dragon. Again in this picture you can see parts of the stalagmite images that would be stickers. Also the bug dragon posses a decent amount of movement in the body legs and mouth.

These are the mini figures from the set the two in the top left are a elemental mage and a knight, these two are the hero's of the set the rest are skeleton knights, goblins, and a dark guardian ( the thing with wings). Theres also a skeleton not wearing armor and that covers a more imagination based aspect of the set. The idea is to have runes, like the thing next to the skeleton, and with each rune there would be a magical ability that your hero characters could use by activating the rune. So if your hero's got the summon skeleton rune from the dungeon you can use it to place a summoned skeleton onto the dungeon to fight for your hero's

Also with a purchase of this set you would get a few extra items to place in the chest things like:
- Weapons ( Swords, flails, axes, etc.)
- Armor ( Helmets, shields, breastplates, etc.)
- Runes ( This set would always come with the summon skeleton rune, all runes have shiny blue ink for any images on the 2x1 flat piece)
- Crystals ( In dungeon conquest crystals like the one at the bottom of the mage's fire sword are one give them power so if you got something like a blue crystal you would also get a blue flame so that you can have a frost fire sword)
- and perhaps just golden objects like coins and chalices

The items would be randomized for the most part but each set would come with at least one thing from each treasure type. ex. (1 sword, 1 armor, 1 rune, 1 crystal, and 1 gold object)

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