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The Swamp

Smell of dirt, crying frogs, sticky mud and dark water are things which make the swamp interesting. Also there are lots of animals. This is the reason why I made "The Swamp"

"The Swamp" is a small diorama showing the ecosystem of the swamp. In the set, you can find some plants and animals like cattail, mangrove, water lily, hornwort, mushroom, duckweed, frog, alligator, pygmy sunfish, snake, otter, mice and human with a pet cat.

Additionally, the landscape is consist of rock, dirt, mud and water.
At the top, there is an old wooden bridge where old man usually fish.
Also, there is a small cave with some gold ores at the back.
At the side, you can see a brown frog living in the dirt.

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  • 1964 pieces
  • 1 minifigure
  • displayable set
  • lots of animals and plants

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