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LEGO Gramophone


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I have had great fun making this  LEGO Gramophone, so I thought I would put it on LEGO Ideas. It follows on from my LEGO Typewriter idea, when I take that along to LEGO shows, kids often don't know what it is, so it got me thinking...with technology changing so fast, what other vintage items could I make that would teach younger people about how things used to be done! Also it's fun seeing what shapes you can make out of basically square bricks!

At the moment there is a hand crank that spins the record around, but in time I hope to ecperiment with a motor, or even use the new boost system to have sound playing as the record spins.

Please support my idea, and share with all your friends. My ultimate dream is to be able to walk in to a LEGO shop and see one of my products for sale on the shelf. I want to do it for Rachael my wife and my fantastic kids Daisy and Obby, to show them that dreams can come true if you persevere and believe.

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