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Jedi Academy: Yoda's Classroom


Jedi Academy: Yoda's Classroom

Recreate scenes from the expanded universe book series Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown.  

At 900 years old, Yoda shares his knowledge of the force at the Jedi Academy with his padawans Roan, Pasha, and Cronah. Roan hones his levitation skills, Cronah practices his force jump, and Yoda takes center stage on his meditation and teaching podium.  

This set features play functions including a gear-operated sliding main entrance, padawan lockers for extra storage, and a force jump training mechanism. Accessories include lightsabers, Jedi comlinks, electrobinoculars, brick-built backpacks, and a mini-figure display stand.

I was inspired by the Jedi Academy series by Jeffrey Brown. I focus on small-piece detail, play functions, and mini-figure design that is authentic to the story.


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