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Tenement House

Welcome to the tenement house built with passion for LEGO.

This is my second Lego ideas submission.
Why another house? Because I like an architecture and love to build it with Lego.
I would like to present my second custom modular building, tenement house. Built on 32x32 baseplate to fit any LEGO city.Some new techniques have been used along with new pieces that LEGO has recently released. Parts combinations are almost endless.While this project I consider to be finished I immediately start working on the next one, so stay tuned.
This building features...

  1. Two floors
  2. bathroom
  3. bedroom
  4. living room with stylish fireplace
  5. tiled roof
  6. backyard garden
  7. large balcony

Designed to accommodate 2 minifigures with passion for music and gardening.

Big THANK YOU for supporting and sharing.

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