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Jim's Pizzeria


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This is a pizzeria I built out of the Downtown Diner Modular building. The pizzeria is also a Modular building, and as such it can be combined with existing Modular buildings.

The owner, Jim, is well known around Studville for his amazing pizzas, and his restaurant has been given a four-star rating from the town's top food critic. Inside his restaurant, you can find a well-stocked, if a little cramped, kitchen, complete with a pizza oven and a stove with a saucepan for the pizza sauce. The pizzeria features both indoor and outdoor seating, and there are decorative flowers outside. The building also features detailing, and the classic white lamppost. The cover for the latest album from Studville's very own rock star is hanging on the wall.

This model includes six minifigures: Jim, two women catching up over some lemonade, a computer programmer working on her latest software in the restaurant's cozy corner table, and a dad and his son enjoying a pizza.

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