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Hibachi Restaurant & Day Spa

With COVID hopefully nearing its end, the citizens of the modular building sets will need somewhere to go out to eat with friends, and to have some pampering as well! This hibachi & sushi restaurant is perfect for groups of 6, with a detailed hibachi grill and a Japanese-style room with pillow seating. It also has a sushi bar with seats for 3. The day spa upstairs has a full-featured locker room, massage room, relaxation pool and rooftop meditation garden.

I work in architecture field, and while I love the charm of the current modular set designs, I want to see more modern & contemporary architecture as well :) The design is in the style of more contemporary Japanese or Asian-Fusion restaurants. I also went kind of literal with my interpretation of "Fuji Mountain" with some literal rock mountain elements that flank the restaurant's entrance. Details like lighting integrated into columns, wood slat facade and contemporary signage round out the look. Accompanying the signage are "icons" for the businesses: steak on a plate and stacking stones with flowers.

This idea is in the modular building format with the required connectors and sidewalk layout. I've included tons of details (toilet is styled after Toto brand toilets, operable lockers can fit minifig torsos and legs, a shrimp tempura roll, and there's even an onion tower with flame on the hibachi grill) and fun building techniques (green minifig hands for bamboo leaves, zen garden sand and rocks that are easy to reconfigure, sideways Japanese Room walls for more vertical detail).

I have two little kids that are just discovering LEGO, so I've designed this for maximum playability with seven removable upper "units" that allow easy access to the interior spaces. I'm also budget conscious so this set has a part count on par with other modular sets (2372 parts including 5 minifigs) and no custom parts or unavailable color combinations.

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