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Half Pipe Skate Park


A fun skate park. The main attraction is a giant half pipe with two drop-in locations. The park also includes a basketball court with two hoops, a smaller ramp, a cherry tree with falling petals, a dog with a bone prop, lamps posts, and an ice cream truck. There are a lot of studs on the smooth ground to allow more opportunities to pose figures. An Orange head is used for the basketball to allow figures to hold it. 

The halfpipe in the middle is a great play feature by itself and the set could include some clear bar pieces to move the skateboards from further away. The colors and decorative features like the cherry tree and the studs on the ground for posing figures would make for an impressive display for any desk or case.

This is my project and took me a few days, weighs 44 oz, measures to 66 x 34 x 19 studs, and would cost around $200 according to

Thank you for viewing my project! 

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