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Lego Train Station

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Do you want an amazing small, modern train station in your city? Do you want to have a train station with a cargo ramp for your airport or harbor? Then this train station is the perfect creation for you! With a relatively small and narrow design, this station can fit in almost any area of a city. It is relatively easy to add things on to it like the cargo ramp in the main picture (above). In the center there is a small awning with two seats and space for some suitcases. Behind that there are some beutiful clear door pannels with an exit in the middle. There are three ways to get on and off this platform, excluding getting on the train. Each side has a set of stairs, and there is a third exit in the center, along with the cargo ramp when installed. If want to learn more about this and some of my other projects then you can watch this video: 

Hopefully you liked that short video. If you really want this to become a set please support this and share it with a friend! If you liked this you'll probably also like what I have done in the past and will be doing in the future. To see more updates on what I am doing go check out my Youtube channel for more awesome MOC videos and some brickfilms. For more MOC updates check out my other social media and my website

See you next month with the Falcon Heavy! 

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