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Lego Eurostar Express

The Eurostar Express is a train operated between London, Paris and co. Drives. I came up with the idea to build this train when my friend told me about his trip to England.

A pair of facts about the set:

-That's 1428 pieces
-The length is about 80 cm
-The cab was inspired by the Horizon Express
-At the top you can attach Lego LEDs
-in the cab you can attach a battery box and an motor
-The rails have been modified with slopes
-The carriages have been connected to a middle connection

It would be really great if this Idea was going to be a Lego set, because I think it's really nice.
 It's also fun to watch him bring your Lego world to life!!!
It would be really great if you would support this Idea, many thanks to everyone who does it :D

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