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Gilmore Girls - Luke's Diner


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Sookie and Michel!

Sookie, Michel and Lorelai started working together at the independence Inn.  Sookie and Lorelai decided to open their own hotel "The Dragonfly Inn" and brought Michel along with them.  Sookie St. James is the bubbly best friend of Lorelai and also the head chef of the Inn. Michel Gerard is the grumpy, sarcastic concierge at the Dragonfly.  These three are the best of friends and keep the gears turning at the Inn.


Jess and Dean

Are you "Team Jess" or "Team Dean"?  These are the boys that Rory has had relationships with.  Jess is Luke's nephew and is the "bad boy" and a little rough around the edges.  Dean is Rory's first love, but they eventually drift apart.  Enjoy!


Richard and Emily Gilmore

Introducing Richard and Emily Gilmore, the parents of Lorelai and grandparents of Rory.  Richard is a very wealthy businessman, while Emily volunteers her time as a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) as well as hosting different gatherings for Richard's business.  Emily is quite manipulative in nature and Lorelai's relationship with her parents is "complicated". Lorelai and Rory attend dinner at Richard and Emily's every Friday night, to "repay" Richard and Emily for Rory's tuition.





The Life and Death Brigade!

Logan, one of Rory's boyfriends, is part of a secret society called "The Life and Death Brigade", along with his crazy friends Colin and Finn.  Rory joins in on the Brigade shenanigans from time to time...



Hep Alien

Star Hollow's own rock band Hep Alien is now in LEGO form! Rory's best friend Lane (drums) put together this garage band. Featuring Gil (guitar and vocals), Lane's future husband Zach (guitar and vocals) and Brian (bass guitar).  Rock n' Roll!!!




More characters coming soon...

Keep an eye out on the updates page!  I plan to upload some images of more characters.  They won't be part of the original set, but just a glimpse of what could be!


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Thank you everyone for all of the support and for helping me reach 1,000 votes!!!  Let's keep this thing moving forward and get to 5,000 votes!  Spread the word!



Hi all!

Thank you so much for all of your votes and support in order to reach 100+ votes!  Let's keep it going and see this hit the shelves!  Spread the word!

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