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Fashion Show & Backstage

What's more exciting than a fashion show ?!
A LEGO fashion show !

For this edition of the fashion week, the show takes place in an iconic historic Parisian building.
It is between the arcades that were installed the spotlights so that the house presents its last glamorous creations. A great opportunity for the guests to get on the red carpet, getting out of their fancy black car.

The Parisian fashion house offers a journey between extravagance and elegance. The spectators admire an avalanche of colors on the runway with evening dresses whose sophistication is not equaled in the world. Have a look backstage to see the little hands working on the beautiful pink dress with its astonishing volumes.

The number of minifigs has been shrunk down to 3, to comply to the Lego Ideas rules, but I highly encourage you to add your own. This allows more room for architecture and the car in the set.

The set features :
  • The runway, decorated with burgundy red flowers
  • The backstage, with the hair & makeup area
  • The fitting area, with hanging fabrics
  • The black car that dropped off the guests & journalists
  • 3 wonderful gowns
  • The rear panel is camera-friendly too

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