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Thunderbirds Zero-X


Ready for take off

The upper lifting body's wing tips were hinged down for take off, with the pods on the ends of both lifting bodies housing part of the undercarriage. I looked into hinging the wing tips but at this scale all of the hinges were too big, so instead I have rearranged the build so that there is an option for setting the undercarriage up or down. There are only a few pieces which need to be changed to swap between the two options.

Click on the image to see it full size and uncropped.


Micro Scale International Rescue craft

To escort Zero-X off on its mission to Mars, chase down the saboteur and rescue the crew I have added Thunderbirds three and one to the set, there is even a scale FAB1 (OK I admit its a pink rollerskate). The idea may not be gathering a lot of support so far but I am really pleased that some people have enjoyed this blast from the past. (Click below for a larger version of the image)

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