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Firefly Alpha

Firefly Alpha is a 29 m tall, 1.8 m wide 2-stage medium lift launch vehicle capable of putting 1000 kg into a 200 x 200 km low earth orbit at a 28.5* inclination, or 630 kg into a 500 km sun-synchronous orbit. It is fueled by RP-1 (Rocket Propelant-1) and Liquid Oxygen. The 1st stage is powered by 4 Reaver 1 engines, producing a total thrust of 736 Kn in a vacuum, at an efficiency of 295.6 Isp. The 2nd stage is powered by one Lightning 1 engine, producing 70.1 Kn of thrust in a vacuum, at an efficiency of 322 Isp.
It will launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base, bringing payloads into high inclination orbits, with the first launch, as December 30, 2020, happening on the 31st January 2021. Launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida are also being considered. If you want more details on the rocket, check out the official site.
The reason that I built this is that there are a lot of other rocket build on the Lego Ideas platform, but most of them focus on large rockets, the rockets that most people know, like the Falcon 9, the Saturn V, Starship/Super Heavy, but don't focus on the small things. This set includes multiple reconfigurable fairing options, like the actual rocket will have, 4 large satellites, 3 identical CubeSats, a launch pad with a working strongback, realistic fuel and oxidiser tanks inside the fuselage, and only 154 parts. If you have read thus far, and understood all of that, hello fellow rocket nerd. Thank you.

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