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Castle of Curse(Transformable)


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A long time ago, a small castle was cursed. We don't know what the curse is, but the valiant generals turned into skeletons and tormented people.
Hero ‘Hiro’ tried to turn them back, but he could not turn them back into people. It was only best to seal it so that it could not escape from this castle. Hiro managed to seal them and let the silver knights protect them. The message he left as he died was, "A true hero will appear, release the seal, and join forces with them to unify the world."
The three heroes overcame many difficulties and finally stood in front of the sealed castle. Will they ever be able to free this castle? The castle is turning black and into a giant monster.
Overall, it is made in a modular form, so it is easy to separate and combine. It is a small castle located on the hill, and it is on the 7th floor if you go to the watchtower.
On the first floor, skeleton soldiers try to break through the seal, but fire prevents them from going forward forever, and a silver knight is guarding them right in front of them.
There are skeletons on the second floor that are praying,
There are separate skeletons on the third floor.
Overall, it is a small castle, a watchtower. Rocks and weeds around the castle add to the desolation.
It is characterized by a modular type, so it changes the tower and transforms into various shapes. Think it would be good to play hero with the kids while making this set. I think I can make various stories such as courage, belief, and greed.

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