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Wild West Saloon

Step back in time to the wild west with a nostalgic homage to the beloved LEGO sets of the 90s: the Wild West Saloon. Recreating the charm and character of the iconic era, this intricately designed set captures the essence of the old frontier with a rustic saloon facade, swinging doors, and detailed interiors, including an upright piano, a chandelier and a billiard table spread out over two floors. Transporting builders and collectors alike to a bygone era, the set is adorned with vintage-style minifigures. What would be a LEGO set without a toilet? Well, there is one located outside, just like in the good old days. With its authentic Wild West charm and a touch of retro flair, this LEGO Ideas set is a must-have for fans looking to relive the joy and creativity of those cherished childhood building experiences.

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