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Cosmic Guardian

I used the Lego Ice Planet Deep Freeze Defender as the inspiration for this creation. Once again, I am using the original classic space colors. Playability is a main focus of mine, and this space ship delivers!! This particular creation has the ability to launch a rocket from the main fuselage, detach a mini space station from the back, and the two front fighters that can be removed as separate space ships too. The passenger compartment in the space station is accessed by removing the roof; which actually is a another space ship too, with a holding pen for captured aliens! The Rocket bay has a hinged roof, and a 3 position launching armature. Additional Defense is provided by two large lasers mounted on turrets on both sides of the ship. It takes 6 minifigs to man this Cosmic Guardian. Hours of play for sure!! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as well as your support. Long live Classic Space!

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