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Ninjago Skyline

Here is the Lego Architecture concept, skyline collection, Ninjago version! This set presents the 7 most emblematic buildings of all Ninjago. 7 buildings, one for each of the initial 7 seasons of the Ninjago universe. We find: the monastery of spinjitzu (season 1), the temple of light (season 2), the Borg tower (season 3), the anacondrai temple (season 4), the airjitzu temple (season 5), the kryptarium prison (season 6) and the dragon forge (season 7). The transparent yellow bricks of the Temple of Light symbolize the power of gold. The lights of the Borg tower, are (in season 3) all lined up. But I preferred to opt for a more random arrangement, the lights, to better symbolize the building side of the tower. I used a rounded brick, to represent the purple serpent tongue of the anacondrai temple. The kryptarium prison does not have an octagonal shape as in the episodes, I preferred to opt for a square layout, so as not to take up too much space, while keeping the "fortress impenetrable" side of this prison. Finally, I used 2 transparent red bricks, to symbolize the heart of the forge and the embers.

I think this will make a perfect Lego Ideas set to display, alongside Lego Architecture and Ninjago!

Hope you like this concept ! Thank you for your support !

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