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Oscar Award

And the Oscar goes to...

This Oscar statue is very close to the original. I haven't found anything like it online, which is what inspired me to design it. It was particularly challenging to build because of how few pieces come in gold of any variety. I eventually settled for Pearl Gold, which has the most pieces of any gold colour. Every piece already exists in this colour (although some only a few times).

This magnificent statue has 639 pieces, of many shapes and sizes. Due to the piece limitation it's a little bulkier than a real Oscar statue, and a little bit taller too - at 15in tall. It might need some expert modification by Lego, but generally the statue is very robust. It uses a network of modified bricks with sideways studs through the middle, locking together with plates and slopes which mean you can hold it in the air like a real Oscar!

It even features the five spokes on the base film reel, signifying the five original branches of the Academy.

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