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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99th Precinct


Over 9,500 down, less than 500 to go!

Here's some pictures as a thank-you for all the support lately!

Adrian Pimento
Kevin Cozner
Doug Judy, the Pontiac Bandit
Some of my favourite easter eggs from the set!


We've hit 8,000! (Plus 127 more in 1 day!)

Thank-you all for your support so far! We're well on our way to 10K supporters!



Hey everyone!

I’d just like to say thank-you for all of your support so far! It means a great deal! We’re currently nearly at 7,000 supporters! Wow!
If you’re wondering what more you can do, there’s a few things!
  • Comment! It helps the post gain traction! Let me know what you thought of the finale! I’d love to chat!
  • Support it again or get a friend to support it!
Everything counts! And I really really appreciate the ongoing support you have all shown!


A famous scene recreated



Amy and Rosa pigment update!

I have received a lot of feedback as to the colour of Rosa and Amy's skin in my project, with a lot of people saying they think it looks too dark. I definitely agree that the colour is not exactly as accurate as it could be compared to their real life skin colours, and taking the feedback on board I've tried to change the colour to something else which may look a bit more accurate. This time it's a bit lighter. If you think this looks better, let me know! I'll make sure to update their figures in my next update in 10 days time!


Hitchcock and Scully... And more!

Boys! Boys! Boys! (They're the boys) and they're a part of this LEGO Ideas Project!
With the addition of these two also comes some new images of revamped/new parts of the precinct, more pictures below!


Thanks so much for 1,500 supporters!

Attention Squad!
I would like to thank each and every supporter for getting us to over 1,500! It’s been less than 2 weeks and getting to this number so quickly is quite an achievement and I am very grateful!

As LEGO Ideas only allows an update every month or so to things such as description and images, I’m unable (right now) to add a few changes to the build and minifigures :(
but they’re coming!
I’m really excited to show off my Hitchcock and Scully minifigs! And some cool new accessories for the rest of the squad (packed full of Easter eggs!

As well as these, there are some brand new additions to the precinct. More Easter eggs, a bit of refining, and the interrogation room!

All of these changes will be shown off in the next image update of the project, so stay tuned! The project will have an entirely new look with some really great shots of the precinct which I’m excited to show you!

Thanks so much again and please feel free to share and tell your friends about this project! If everyone got 2-3 people to support, we’d hit 10k in no time!


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