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SPACE RACE Roller Coaster – Alpha v. Omega

The Space Race is back on! This time it’s set far into the future with the galactic rival space factions of Alpha and Omega. Buckle up and hold on tight as you ascend to the launch portal. Depending on your roller coaster car faction you’ll either encounter friend or foe on your space voyage of two differing laps. If it’s friend, relax, you’re safe, but not for long as your enemy is not far ahead and will blast you with everything they’ve got, so be prepared to blast back!

If you survive, you’ll have no choice but to buy the mandatory photo near the exit. Hungry? Grab some ‘Stellar’ lunch and then treat yourself to a cryogenic ice cream at the ‘Deep Freeze’ next door. Before riding again why not play a quick game of air hockey, as either Alpha or Omega of course. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Space Race design challenge and seeing it evolve over time. This is my second LEGO IDEAS project and I'm excited to see how it compares against my first, Gold Rush Mine Train Roller Coaster, which reached 10k in 100 days (almost certainly helped by the lockdown!). 

I think that there is so much fun to be had, either by playing as a mini space theme park, racing the roller coasters with different minifigures (like in my video below), or just creating your own αv battles (look out for the secret Alpha missile that launches from within the mountain).

The set is 3000 pieces, including 6 roller coaster cars, 3 Alpha and 3 Omega minifigures, 6 vehicles, 4 staff, 4 thrill seekers, 2 restaurants, a control centre, a αv air hockey table… and no queues! 

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