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RC 1950s Custom Pickup

What is it?
This is a remote controlled '50s Asrr pickup. Many of the pickups were lowered and had larger engines, to make them faster down a drag strip.

Why did I build it?
I built it because I had seen a '50s Chevrolet 3100 ( stock version) a few months earlier,  but it's only now that I have decided to build it. It's a Hot Rod version because I thought it would look cooler than the regular version, and it does look cool.

Why do I think it could become a set?
I think it could become a set because it is a custom version and is remote controlled, unlike the other sets. This makes it more playable and hopefully appeal to a larger audience.

Thank you for reading this description and remember, if you want to see this pickup on the shelves, then please support.

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