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Modular City Bakery


What This Is...

This is the Modular City Bakery, it is 32 studs wide, 26 studs deep, and a little over 15 bricks high (to the top of the sign). Some of the main features include: a large seating area; rear hinging doors, for easier access; several display stands, for all of the baked goods; and a large kitchen. The minifigures consist of one baker, one ice cream attendant, two counter attendants, and four customers. It is fully compatible with any modular building, or would even look good as a stand alone.


Piece Count: 1,681Minifigures: 8

Main Colors: tan, white, reddish brown, yellowish green, and bright light blue.

Other Colors: dark bluish gray, light bluish gray, flat sliver, trans-clear, black, dark tan, sand green, pearl light gray, trans-black, trans-green, dark red, dark purple, dark azure, bright pink, bright light orange, light yellow, lime, medium green, pink, light green, salmon, dark turquoise, dark orange, medium dark flesh, dark brown, green, yellow, medium blue, sand blue, dark blue, red, medium azure, lavender, trans-dark pink, trans-medium blue, trans-red, trans-light blue, and light aqua.

Why I think this should become a set
Lego has put a bakery in a modular set before, but it was quite small and lacked a large kitchen and seating area; they also have not released a single-story modular before .

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