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Nevermore Academy - Wednesday

The Nevermore Academy set consists of 1877 pieces & 4 and a half minifigures (Wednesday Addams, Enid Sinclair, Larissa Weems, Lurch and Thing :)). This creation includes the academy and the Addams family's car. I was motivated and inspired to create this model by the Wednesday TV series.

The building contains 3 floors. On the first ground there is a hall. You can find the office with the iconic fireplace (looks like a head) of the principal, called Larissa Weems on the second floor. Wednesday's and Enid's common bedroom is on the third floor, where you can see Thing and the well known divided glass window. Next to the academy there is Addams Family's famous car, driven by the family's butler, Lurch.

Building a stable and enjoyable product was my most important point of view during the process, and I think that's what it makes to become a great LEGO set.

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