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Shrek’s Swamp

This is Shrek’s swamp from the Shrek franchise. It includes Shrek’s Swamp, with a bed, fire, table and chair inside. It also includes a 'Keep Out' sign, a toilet and a patch of dead grass. The figures include Shrek, Fiona, Puss in Boots, Donkey and Ginge (piece). Donkey is the piñata piece that has been recoloured. Extras include a torch and a spider.

I built this set as I believe it would make a great iconic Lego set. Shrek is a very popular franchise which includes strong characters and I think I have captured their essence here. As the characters can go inside the swamp there is a great deal of scope for imaginative play. 

I built this because I felt there was a lack of Lego Shrek, and since Lego have recently made other Lego Dreamworks projects (Trolls and Minions) I felt that this would add to the collection. Shrek continues to be very popular with many age groups. 

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