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Architecture - Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain


Architecture - Plaza de España, Seville, spain

A major tourist attraction in Seville is the Plaza de España which was built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 (Expo 29). I visited Seville a long time ago and found the Plaza to be an amazing space. The Plaza de España has been a set in films such as Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia.

Plaza de España is a semi-circular brick building, Renaissance/neo-Moorish in style, with a tower at either end. In front of the building, following the curve of its façade, is a 500-metre canal crossed by four bridges, and in the centre of it all is the Plaza itself with a large fountain. You can rent small boats to row in the canal.

The Plaza is situated inside Maria Luisa Park, next to Avenida Isabella La Catolica. Measuring 50,000 square metres, the Plaza is the size of five football pitches. The building has a ground level portico and first-floor balustrade with balconies stretching along its length.

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Dimensions – 1653 Bricks, base Area of 70x32spots.

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