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Fishing Boat

Let's get ready for Christmas supper
This is a fishing boat new in the bay in the search for the best fish and seafood for Christmas.

About fishing boat
This features a classic family fishing boat. We are prepared for everything and to comply with all the rules, we have all the necessary buoys and even a life-saving capsule. The boat is fully equipped with a communication antenna and satellite dish, a small crane to fill up the nets and upload the result of the work.

Playability of the set
This boat is full of details and techniques. I tried my best so that no detail is forgotten, this way we have a lot of elements to play. We have anchors, fish and seafood preparation table, buoys and life jackets, a sliding cabin door where we have all the controls, fishing net, ladders to climb aboard. The details are enormous and the possibilities of using this boat are enormous.

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