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Pinball Machine


On Thrusday night, August third of 2017, I started building this Lego Pinball Machine. The next day, on Friday, I finished it. Now, I am proud to present to you all tonight a new Lego creation: the Smiley-Face Pinball Machine!

This is a different project from all of my other ones from the past. How so? Well, as you may already see, I manually built this creation in real life. Instead of calling this model a ​Real Life Model, I call it a Reality Model. I am proud to say that this is my first Reality Model ​on the Lego Ideas website.

The amount of pieces in this model are currently unknown, as I will have to replicate this model on my ​Lego Digital Designer​ on my laptop.

The mechanism of the buttons on the sides are custom-made. I did not get any resourses from the internet to help me build the buttons' mechanisms.

If the arcade game is sat up vertically, you will see a cage holding a ball inside it. When the ball is taken out, place it in the red ball entry area so that way you can play the game.

The only obstacles in this game are two bumpers and the pit between the two buttons. Although the pit below is lethal, it can also save the little blue ball from rolling away. When taking out the ball or storing it back inside the top of the game, the pit can serve as a temporary holder.

This Pinball Machine was designed to be taken on the go. That is why there is no reward system in this game. Also, that is why there is only one place where the ball can fall into a pit.

If you really like this project and want to take an even closer look at it, follow this link:

I hope you all enjoyed viewing my here project! If you want me to add something else onto my Smiley-Face Pinball Machine, ​then I can do it. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 8/8/2017

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