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Exploration Vehicle

This is an exploration vehicle specifically customized for stargazing. I built this because I love space. 
Lego space sets are usually about spacecrafts, astronouts and rockets which are GREAT and there should be more of them but there are so many people who love looking to the stars with their telescopes. Astrophotography is becoming increasingly popular and you can see individuals on social media and video sharing platforms who create content related to the subject. As usual these space and stargazing enthusiasts are also AFOLs and I think they would love to see a Lego set related to their hobby or in some cases their business.

The vehicle itself is a basic van. It has a dedicated telescope and a camera right next to it above the roof. There is also a detachable ladder to climb up and down the roof. There is a secret section beneath the driver's seat to keep attachments and extra lenses for the telescope. 

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