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Brickston Park

A beautiful, lush park, with lots of animals and people.

Take a stroll through this modern park and enjoy the fresh air and local furry and feathery inhabitants!

You can find the following in the park:
Modern Coffee Shop (with a removable roof)
Outdoor Gym
Hot Dog Vendor
Animals (squirrels, frogs, birds and rats)
Lots of trees and plants!

We have parks in our town but they are not well looked after. Me and my family usually go to Cape Town during the December holiday and then we visit the Company Gardens. It's a very beautiful place with lots of squirrels, pigeons and a wide variety of plant life. The Company Gardens inspired me to build a park. (This idea is not based on an existing park or place, everything is my own idea)

It's a very big, beautiful and unique set with lots of different features and building techniques as well as fine detail.

Length: 31,5 inches (80 cm)
 Width: 15,75 inches (40 cm)

Pieces: 2733

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