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Magic and LEGO


Rendered design update

Another update of the rendered version of this box. I think I've found a way to minimize the back structure. I'd like to test it in real to be sure it can stand the efforts.



Hello there!

It seems that the Sliced Lady design is the one you prefered. Here is how it could look like with right colors and fun stuff! Again, the image insertion doesn't seem to work so you'll have to click the link below :

Sliced Lady rendered

If you want to see this on shelves, support it!



It is up to you!

I know that currently, this magic box is a bit rough on the edges. That is why I am asking you to decide what look it should have. You will find below 3 propositions. You will have the opportunity to chose which one you prefer by answering a Google Form available here .

I tried to add picture in this update but it doesn't seem to work. You'll find them within the Google form above.

Magic House : the box will look like a building, featuring some architectural details (chimney, stair case...) serving as structural parts. The beam will feature illustrations of minifigs, as if they were 3 occupants of the house, looking at their windows.

Mysterious Wardrobe : the box will look like a fine piece of furniture in which you would place clothes.

Sliced Lady : the box will look like a classic magic trick.

Make your choice and I will try and create it using Studio2.


Little improvements and a bit of explanation

I just wanted to thank my supporters and give some explanations about this project, along with small updates I wanted to share.

Watchable here :

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