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Treasure Chest


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This is my LEGO ideas brick build treasure chest I made. This will be great for LEGO pirate fans or people that like treasure chests. This treasure chest was a little hard to build and design, the hardest thing to make in this project was the size of the treasure chest, I made about 5 or 7 versions of this project until I found a size that I liked. It took me one day to build it, the first treasure chest was made in 16th century.I had fun making this treasure chest, if this becomes a real LEGO ideas set, I think it will be great with your pirate set that you have in your collection. This will be a great display mold in your office or on your desk. The treasure chest has some playability with the set, like open the top of the chest and finding some good stuff inside the treasure chest. It has a pirate hat, money, backpack, poster of a pirate ship, green gem, map  pirate sword and also you can put the treasure chest on a display stand this treasure chest it has 207  pieces, it is 12 feet long, I made this treasure chest project in LEGO Digital Designer. If you like this treasure chest project, please support it, so it becomes a real LEGO Ideas set.

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