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Luca: Portorosso


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Luca: Up here? They’ll come looking for me.
Alberto: Okay, that may be true, but will they come looking for you over there?
Luca: No way. That’s crazy.
Alberto: I mean, that place must be full of Vespas. There’s gotta be one for us.

I am a HUGE fan of the new Pixar movie, Luca! As soon as I saw the town of Portorosso I knew I would have to build (or at least attempt) the city. The build I tried to replicate with the harbor of Portorosso and Guilda’s Dad's fishing store. I tried to make the set as accurate as possible to the movie.
In case you don't know what Luca is or don't plan on watching it, here is a short summary:

In a seaside town of the Italian river, a sea monster named Luca decides to spend his summer learning the human ways of the Vespa, eating pasta, and biking. However, being a sea monster, he and his new friend must hide their secret from the monster-hating town they are in.

Even if you aren't a fan of Pixar, just imagine the set as a Seaside Italian house. The build has 6 minifigures and 2653 pieces. 

  • Luca: Luca is a sea monster who is very cautious and shy. However, being underwater all his life, he is very curious about the surface. As a sea monster, he has two minifigures, a human/land monster, and a sea monster.
  • Alberto: Alberto is Luca's friend who teaches Luca about the human world. He is very brave, fun and wants to own a Vespa someday. Even though he is a sea monster, I only gave him one minifigure.
  • Giulia: Giulia is described as an underdog who was different from the rest of the crowd. She stands up for Luca and Alberto and helps them understand the human world.
  • Massimo Marcovaldo: Massimo Marcovaldo, Giulia's dad, is an imposing, tattooed, one-armed fisherman of few words. Even though he looks scary, Massimo has a soft heart, especially for his daughter.
  • Ercole Visconti: Ercole Visconti is the 16-year-old bully and repeats champion of the town's Portorosso Cup race, despite how many people point out he is too old for it. He loves attention and thinks of himself as higher than everybody.

  • The first structure is Giula's house. The house has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen which all have a full interior. On the outside, there is a table for pasta eating and a treehouse where Luca and Alberto spend the night. 
  • The second structure is the statue in the center of Portorosso. Being a town that is against sea monsters the people made a statue showing a mighty citizen slaying a sea monster. 
  • After that comes the fishing boat, which was really fun to make. I never made a boat before and this was a good experience.
  • The last structure is a rock, which looks like an ordinary rock, but it actually has a function to transform Luca into a sea monster. This feature does not only work for Luca, but for all the sea monsters in the set.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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