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Xavier the Astronaut and Rover 24


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This is an awesome Astronaut model
The entire set includes a model, a rover, a remote and a space rock 

The Astronaut 
His name is Xavier. He is an Astronaut on a search for super cool space rocks on the planet Z-543.
The space suit is 8 inches tall and has a removable life-support back pack and helmet. The helmet can rise up to 90 degrees. The back pack has an interchangeable oxygen tank. The model has 12 joints.

The Rover
This is Rover 24, the helpful assistant to Xavier. It has one long tread in the middle to move. It also has 2 cameras, a 4 inch long arm that can rotate 180 degrees, a solar panel on the top and a control panel on its side.

The Remote control
The remote used to control the rover is 3 inches Tall and can fit in the hand of Xavier.

I made this because I know it would be a fun set to all those who like sci-fi

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