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The Ancient Temple

Build a legendary part of LEGO history!
The Ancient Temple is a model that recreates the mysterious and iconic structure that loomed in the background of the original Bionicle art from 2001. Not only was the Kini Nui temple central to the quest of the heroic Toa, it also was the location which hosted many of the early Bionicle theme’s memorable and climactic storylines.
The 2001 launch of Bionicle innovated the way LEGO told stories, as well as expanded the scope of LEGO role-playing. It introduced fans to a mythical world that combined elements of sci-fi with fantasy. This world conveyed the unique premise of biomechanical characters who inhabited an organic, tropical paradise filled with enigma. I built this model in an effort to recapture some of that atmospheric Bionicle magic – the equivalent of which was never made available in full LEGO set form.
I believe that The Ancient Temple would be a great LEGO Ideas set because it transmits iconic elements of the Bionicle world to LEGO System brick-building, while also appealing to MOCers of both figure building and architectural building.
For longtime Bionicle fans, The Ancient Temple vignette references the early lore in multiple ways! Remove the Temple’s center shrine to reveal a golden Kanohi Mask of Power… and listen to the Turaga elder retell old myths around the storytelling pit. Ascend the Temple with the six Toa as they prepare to accomplish their destiny.
Standing at approximately 13" (33 cm) tall and 19” (48 cm) wide, The Ancient Temple would make a beautiful, visually earthy, and commanding display piece… or serve as the inspiration for expansion and imagining new stories to play out! 
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