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Legends of Chima Speedorz Altars

So, a little about me and this project. I've been a big fan of Lego as long as I can remember. Back in the 80's, I loved the space sets. The imagination of building a ship and being able to land it at a base that had its roots in sci-fi was something I spent hours reenacting with my minifigures. Then at some point I grew up and the thrill of Lego was no longer there. I still thought they were a great toy, but I was no kid anymore.

Recently Lego began to catch my eye again. I was watching an episode of Ninjago on cable and the itch started to cme back. Not for that line but the upcoming product known as Chima. I saw a commercial for the premier 2 episodes that were to air in January. It looked so interesting and fun. I knew nothing about the products, just the brief commmercial was enough.

Later that week I found myself at Target and there they were in the Lego aisle. I stared at the sets for about 30 minutes before I decided I would get Crawley's Claw Ripper. I built it that weekend and was instantly hooked. My next trip brough thome the Speedorz starter set and I loved it as well. I went on to purchase every set that had come out and had so much fun building them.

I wanted to display everthing proudly but I ran into a slight problem with the Speedorz. Some of them were able to use their power ups to stand upright but others just feel over, having no way to balance. I started out just throwing a 2 x 2 brick under them but then I had the power up sitting off to the side. I went more elaborate and built a little stand that could hold the power uo seperately, but still not good enough. Not every Speedorz has the same power up; some are small and managable and some are large and bulky. I spent hours and hours of trial and error on LDD and finally came up with a solution that not only hlds the Speedor upright but has the ability to mount the power up and store both weapons the character comes with.

So now I present my idea for all to see. I would love to see this project turned into an actual set. I don't care if it s necessarily through Cuusoo or if maybe Lego sees the idea and runs with it, but I know there are others out there with the same desire I have; displaying Speedorz without them falling over and having a place to put those extra weapons. These are all LDD renders as I do not have an actual model yet but the Bricklink orders are starting.

This shows the Speedor, its power up and the generic weapon I gave the wolf tribe character. This is not a named character but just one of the unnamed warriors seen in the background so many times. The power up mounts underneath the Speedor just like any other one produced to date. In the center of the model is a 2 x 2 plate modified with 1 stud. The speedor has 1 hole on the tail of it once the power up is detached. It will fit right on that single stud and sit flush.The wolf's weapon can be stored in the o-clip on the side at the bottom of the altar. The power up is mounted at the top of the altar on the 2 x 2 plate. This is a modified plate with 1 center stud, placed into a 1 x 2 Technic brick. There is a Chi crystal in the center of the model. I noticed in the show that they seem to run on Chi power but there is no Chi crystal present in the model of the Speedor. So I imagine this as more of a charging station. The Chi power is transfered into the Speddor while it is attached much like plugging in a Hybrid car.

Here is a rear shot of the altar. I used the wold tribe colors seen on their models released so far. Black, Dark Red, Dark Blue Gray, and Light Blue Gray. In the show, I noticed their fortress shown was kind of devoid of plant life, so none is included with this altar.

Here is another rear shot from a different angle. Notice the flail mounted in the o-clip on the side. Both weapons can be placed in their storage spots while the power up is mounted with no interference.

One more frontal shot with everything mounted. I used the water background to let the colors feel more vibrant. Even though it is a very monochromatic tone, the blue backgound actually helps the colors feel more alive than the ground based backgrounds. Here you see the power up mounted at the top with the weapon placed in the clip on the side. The large teeth at the front bottom almost give it a cradle look for the Speedor. I am going to render 2 more of these altars, maybe three, for the other tribes. I think the Lions and Crocs need their own also and I think that if there are three models, it would be a great addition to the Chima line that I have grown to love. I will add more pictures soon so keep an eye out fro the changes. I wanted to start this project as soon as possible. Hope you like the idea and don't forget to support. Thank you!


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