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Rumble noise in the kitchen in the middle of the night - flashlight 'klick': What happened here? The young cat caused some trouble as always!

This diorama comes with a contrast of spotlight and night darkness like a comic drawing. About the cat, the rat and the person it tells a little story of which only the viewer has seen most, maybe.

This is an easy to build model which does not need too much space. It has 153 parts. I think it is a good present for people you like.

Process: I like to draw and create lino cut drawings, so coming to this idea is not a too big step for me. In my pictures I use light and shadow very much. The micky mouse boat set is one of my favourite when it comes to style, so there is some inspiration. But I did not want a two-coloured set - more like what you would see in the night - which is pretty much no colour until something is on spot. I tried a lot variations in many colours until I came back to this black-white contrast version. This way, I found the few coloured details I kept in the design.

P.S. Please feel free to comment if you have seen the design for the rat (or mouse) somewhere before. I came up with it myself in the first place but at some point I felt I have seen this somewhere else. Or something like that. I would like to call it a mouse but as i fell in love with the hotdog coloured tail, it became a rat now. Both like cheese. Please also note that the real lego cat looks a bit more rounded a in the pictures.

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