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The Beast“ - Armoured Money Transporter


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“the Beast“ - armoured money transporter


Hello everybody,


Today I would like to show you my first real MOC (hopefully worthy to be shown with all the great ideas from your side): an armoured money transporter.

The inspiration for this model was actually the awesome “Brick Bank” (LEGO set 10251; released in 2016). A prosperous financial institution like that would necessarily need some possibility to transfer the entrusted wealth to some other locations, better suited to store such fortunes. Of course this could not happen by a mere post car & the money transporter from “Doc Ock truck heist” (LEGO set 76015; released in 2014) was a little too small for this task.


Therefore I started to create a much more intimidating transporter.

Please see details & pictures below:

- the truck has just one entrance hatch & one engine hood (both can be opened)

- the driver & assistant enter the truck by the hatch; the same hatch is used for loading the standardised dark grey containers which can contain diamonds, money or gold bares

- when picking up further containers the assistant is leaving the truck with the shown red sack barrow (barrow can be stored in a compartment below the passenger’s seats) & puts the container on the lift

- after the container is lifted in the truck a pick-&-place roboter stores the container in the inside


special features:

- roof can be opened

- below the hood you can find a detailed V8-engine model (in reality this engine would power this massive truck with a displacement of 16.0 litres & up to 520 kW)

- passenger’s seats can be removed from the truck

- use the police car from “police pursuit” (LEGO set 60128; released in 2015) as escort (would not be a part of this model)

- use the hidden hatch at the under-floor to unload the truck in secret

- in case of an attempted robbery use the spring load explosion-function at the truck’s rear (like some of you may remember in some older sets like “6755 - sheriff’s lock-up” which was released in 1996)


All the prosperous financial institutions trust the private company “le pavois noir” (“the Black Shield”, logo can be found on the truck as well). Transfer the wealth of your LEGO city residents to some high-security locations with this unstoppable armoured truck. But watch out: wealth is tempting! Not just for a good organised band of villains, but maybe also for the driver & his assistant …

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