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Time Capsule Treasure Box

Hello there!

Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Cause that is basically what this idea is
everyone remembers keeping your favorite items in a box, your personal little treasury  box. Well how cool would it be to build one yourself, an unique storage solution for all your special pieces. Or use it as a time capsule your choice :-)

I got this idea when i was creating my own time capsule and just started wondering how to build this in lego style, during this i browsed through all the bricks i had, and decided to make an selection of all the pieces which have a special meaning to me, pieces that made laugh and pieces which brought my back to my childhood, the memories of building all those amazing sets.

Personal note:
it took me a while to build this, because everytime i looked at a piece, it made me think of the sets i’ve build and all the adventures that i had with them.

this idea has aprox 2000 pieces and has the following dimensions:
20x29,5x18,5 (height x width x depth in cm)

I think this would make a great addition to the ideas sets, especially cause in times like this, we all love to look back at better times and enjoy the time we didn’t have any more worries then the amount of homework we got.

thanks for looking at this idea, and i hope to get your support.

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