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Trojan Horse



My new project is meant to represent the famous Trojan horse.


I wanted to talk about history and create a project that could appeal to so many people.


After ten years of futile siege the Greeks, following a plan devised by Odysseus pretended to renounce the conquest of the city and to return to their homes, leaving the beach a huge wooden horse, to appease the gods and propitiate the return trip home: it was built by Epeo with the help of Athena.


But hidden inside the horse were the bravest Greek warriors led by Odysseus.


The Trojans, happy for the narrow escape, dragged the horse inside the walls, despite the Laocoon and the prophetess Cassandra had advised him not to.


Suddenly appeared a greek named Sinon, who convinced the king that the horse was a sign of peace, was a gift.


You can enter many other elements and warriors to complete the project, but the project already think is a nice horse construction.


I hope to get many votes.


Thank you