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Destiny's Future

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Based off of a book yet to come out that I am writing, It is Destiny's Future. The Futuristic spacecraft from a futuristic time. The spacecraft of the future made by an agency in the future designed for battle and space exploration. Full of weapons, characters, and fun features, this set is sure to look cool on a shelf or provide tons of playtime, will appeal to kids and collectors alike. 

At almost 3 feet in length and 1 1/2 feet in diameter, It is no small set. Included are 13 Minifigures, crates, exploration jeep, and the spaceship. Features include:
1. Spring-loaded missile shooters
2. Stud shooters
3. Rapid-fire stud shooters
4. containment hold
5. state-of-the-art cockpit
6. bunks
7. Cargo Hold
8. Medbay
9. Escape pods
10. Coffee machine
11. Opening ceilings and canopys

I built this set to help bring the love that I have for legos and building lego spaceships to the person building it. From a young age, I have loved space and the mysteries of it. With this set, I hope to convey that same wonder, and mystery to the builders. 

This would make a great set because it would look great on any shelf. It would also be cool for younger builders to have, to build and play with. Since it has aspects that appeal to every age and has the features, I believe that I would make a great lego set.

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