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Brick Body Fitness


LEGO City's newest fitness center Brick Body has just opened it's gates just in tme for everyone to start working to get their summer bodies on time. 

The ground floor houses locker rooms and the reception, with a friendly attendant ready to give advice to newcomers. 

On the second floor we have the weight room. Here hard core core gym rats can concentrate on getting brick hard muscles. 

The third floor is where the calories are burnt. The state of the art cardio room features both a threadmill and a stationary bike so everyone can find a machine to their liking. This room also features a bar where gym goers can freshen up with a protein shake after a hard workout. 

In summer time the roof area operates as a small wellness center with tanning beds and a hot tub to make realxation after a strenous day of wroking out easy as it gets. 

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